How to Use

Calliope, the Contraceptive Pipeline Database, houses information on potential contraceptive targets and leads in early development, products in pre-clinical and clinical development, and a selection of products with limited market availability. You can explore the database entries using the keyword search, search filters, and two display options. See below for more details on how to view the entries. There are also a number of exporting and printing options.

For each entry in the Calliope database, click on the entry name to view its full profile of information.

The Calliope database has been developed to meet the informational needs of contraceptive researchers, program managers, policymakers, and procurers. Calliope is not intended to provide medical advice for patients learning about their contraceptive options (see Disclaimer).

Search Filters

The search filters allow you to refine your search results based on nine criteria:

  • Active Development
  • Delivery Type
  • Duration Type
  • Developer
  • User
  • Hormonal
  • Development Stage
  • Potential MPT (Multipurpose Prevention Technology)
  • API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient)

A description of each filter and its respective categories can be found in the Glossary. Upon selecting a category under a filter, the page will automatically refresh to refine the search results displayed below. Please note, the page refreshes after every individual selection.

To remove all filters you've selected, click the "Reset all" button. To remove all categories you've selected in a filter, click the "Reset" button to the right of the filter. To remove one category you've selected in a filter, de-select the box to the left of that category.

Display Options

Calliope has been organized to allow you to view the database entries in two different ways.

First, you can view the entries by the three development phases: (1) Discovery & Early Development, (2) Pre-clinical & Clinical Development, and (2) Limited Market Availability. For further explanation of these development phases, see the About page. The default is to view entries across the entire pipeline. You'll find a button for each development phase, which you can click to view entries in that phase.

Second, the database can be viewed in a table format by user sex and type (hormonal or non-hormonal). Within the user/type table, you will see the number of entries within that quadrant and can view a list of the entries by clicking the "+" button to the left of the number.

With both viewing options, when you use the keyword search and/or search filters, the entries displayed will be refined based on your search.

Exporting and Printing Options

When viewed by development phase, you can export the database entries as either a .csv or .pdf file. Exports can be of all entries in the database or only the filtered entries from your search results.

When viewed by user/type table, you can print out a full table of entries separated by the three development phases. 


We strive to update information on Calliope on an annual basis. If you have new or additional entries to suggest for the database, or updates to existing entries, please contact us at