Alternative Name: Calrecticulin 3, Calsperin, Cancer/Testis Antigen 93, Calreticulin-2, CRT2, Testis Secretory Sperm-Binding Protein Li 226n, CMH19, CT93

Description: CALR3 is a testis-specific chaperone protein for specific client proteins such as ADAM3, which plays a role in sperm motility in mice. CALR3 acts in cooperation with other chaperone proteins such as calmegin CLGN) and promotes maturation of specific proteins. Calr3-null mice show a significant drop in fertility and exhibit impaired sperm migration from the uterus to the oviduct.

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  • Ikawa, M., Tokuhiro, K., Yamaguchi, R., Benham, A. M., Tamura, T., Wada, I., . . . Okabe, M. (2010). Calsperin Is a Testis-specific Chaperone Required for Sperm Fertility. Journal of Biological Chemistry,286(7), 5639-5646.

  • Yamaguchi, R., Fujihara, Y., Ikawa, M., & Okabe, M. (2012). Mice expressing aberrant sperm-specific protein PMIS2 produce normal-looking but fertilization-incompetent spermatozoa. Molecular Biology of the Cell,23(14), 2671-2679.

  • Mendlovic, E. Calreticulin: A Multifaceted Protein.

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