Carica Papaya Extract

Description: Chloroform extract of Carica papaya seeds; 50 mg/kg body weight/day orally.

Product Details

User: Male

Hormonal: No

Delivery Method: Oral

Duration Type: Short-acting

Duration: One day

  • daily

Dose: 50 mg/kg body weight

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API):
  • Chloroform extract of Carica papaya seeds

Multipurpose Preventive Technology (MPT): No

Status Details

Developer: University of Rajasthan, India

Project Phase: Pre-Clinical and Clinical Development

Development Stage: Phase I

Active Development: Yes

Status Details:
  • Effectiveness has been proven in monkey and murine models.
  • Active compound being isolated. Manufacturing feasibility depends on this step, as uniform, reproducible, large-scale manufacturing directly from plant compounds is extremely difficult.

Additional Information

  • Lohiya NK, Manivannan B, et al. (2008). Sperm motility inhibitory effect of the benzene chromatographic fraction of the chloroform extract of the seeds of Carica papaya in langur monkey. Asian J Androl. 10(2):298-306.

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