Clean Sheets Pill

Alternative Name: Inhibition of Vas Propulsive Contractility

Description: The coordinated contractions of longitudinal and circular muscles in vas deferens provide the propulsion that sustains transport of spermatic fluid and ensures emission. The Instant Male Pill suppresses this propulsive function by inactivating contractility of longitudinal muscle in vas deferens but not circular muscle contraction. This leads to closure of vas deferens lumen and inhibition of emission, crucially without affecting ejaculatory activity and coincident sensation of orgasm.

Product Details

Duration: Reversible within 24-30 hr


Status Details

Status Details:
  • Prototypes have been tested successfully in a proof of concept study using rams as an animal model.
  • The project is looking for spin out collaboration and/or funding.

Additional Information

  • Amobi N, et al. (2011) Evaluation of novel, non-hormonal male contraceptive drug prototypes acting in vas deferens.

  • Amobi NI, Smith IC. (1995) Differential inhibition in the human vas deferens by phenoxybenzamine: a possible mechanism for its contraceptive action. J Reprod Fetil. 103(2):215-21.

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