Flexi-T Copper IUDs

Description: The Flexi-T is an IUD with inward-angled arms to avoid pointed contact with uterine wall and theoretically fit the angled juncture of uterus. There are 3 devices that differ by frame size and the amount of copper surface area. The Flexi-T 300 frame is 28mm x 23mm and the Flexi-T+ 300 and + 380 frame are 32mm x 28mm. Copper is wrapped around the stem and the Flexi-T+ 380 also has copper tubes on the arms. Every Flexi-T has one monofilament thread without a knot embedded in the shaft. The plastic inserter is approx. 3 mm in diameter.

Product Details

Duration: 5 years


Dose: 300-380 mm2

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API):

Inactive material: polyethylene

Status Details

Began discovery in: 1980s

Status Details:
  • Approved for use in Canada and throughout Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Additional Information

  • Prosan website: http://www.prosan.nl/

  • Van Kets HE,et al. (1995) A randomized comparative study of the TCu380A and Cu-Safe 300 IUDs. Adv Contracept. 11(2):123-9.

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