Intrauterine Ball™ SCu300

Product Overview

Alternative Name: SCu300 Intrauterine Devices

Development Status: SRA/WHO PQ Approved

Target: Female

Mode: Non-hormonal

Delivery Type: Intrauterine

Duration Type: Long-acting

Description: A shape-memory alloy wire threaded through a series of copper spheres. The wire is straight when in applicator, and curls into a three-dimensional ball once released from the inserter and into the uterus. This product has 300mm2 of copper. Three size variants, A, B, and C, range from 12 mm to 18 mm in diameter.

Updated date: May 30, 2018

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Project Phase: Post-development

Project Stage: Marketed

Began discovery in: 2008

Status Details:
  • The SCu300A product received a CE mark in June 2014, while the SCu300B variant received a CE mark in December 2014. The produce is currently marketed in Israel, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and is expanding through more broadly in Europe and globally. As of 2018, 60,000 devices have been sold.
  • Full data from a randomized study comparing the IUB 300 to the TCu380A are expected to be published in 2018.

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