Alternative Name: Pericoital LNG gel

Description: A vaginal gel containing 0.75mg levonorgestrel and potentially a microbicide or an ARV for multipurpose prevention for pericoital use, potentially postcoital.

Product Details

Duration: Single use


Dose: 0.75 mg LNG

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API):

Status Details

Began discovery in: 2001

Status Details:
  • The Phase I study was completed documenting PK and PD profiles. Further development includes optimization of gel retention for 24h or more, time of application, and impact of action if use is repeated during the same menstrual cycle.

Additional Information

  • Brache V, Croxatto H, et al. (2007) Effect of a single vaginal administration of levonorgestrel in Carraguard gel on the ovulatory process: a potential candidate for "dual protection" emergency contraception. Contraception. 76(2):111-6.

  • Clinicaltrials.gov Identified NCT01286948

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