NES Biodegradable Rods

Description: Poly (lactic acid) (PLA), poly lactic-co-glycolic (PLGA) and ethylenediamine (EDA)-maleic anhydride (MAH) modified PLA (EMPLA) rods releasing nestorone.

Product Details

User: Female

Hormonal: Yes

Delivery Method: Subdermal

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API):
  • nestorone

Inactive material: PLA; PLGA; EMPLA

Multipurpose Preventive Technology (MPT): No

Status Details

Developer: Shandong University

Project Phase: Pre-Clinical and Clinical Development

Development Stage: Pre-clinical

Active Development: Unknown

Additional Information

  • Cao CBZ, et al. (2010) Release of nestorone from biodegradable rods system in vitro. J Wuhan Univ Technol-Mat Sci Edit. 25(1):4-7.

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