Product Overview

Alternative Name: ZK 98.299, ZK 98 299

Development Status: Inactive

Target: Female

Mode: Hormonal

Delivery Type: TBD

Duration Type: TBD

Description: A study in bonnet monkeys found that low-dose onapristone treatment prevented pregnancy without disturbing the menstrual cycle and ovulation in the majority of cycles. Anovulation and luteal insufficiency occured in some animals during prolonged treatment. Given the resulting inhibition of endometrial receptivity, onapristone was studied as an antiprogestin for endometrial contraception.

Updated date: July 22, 2016

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Project Phase: Early Development

Project Stage: Pre-clinical

Began discovery in: Prior to 1993

Status Details:
  • Development for contraceptive indication was discontinued in early 2000s. Onapristone is now in Phase II trials for prostate cancer.

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