Alternative Name: Proprotein convertase 6

Description: PC6 is a serine protease involved in processing latent precursor proteins into their biologically active products (e.g. growth factors, cell surface receptors, cytokines). Inhibition of PC6 was found to prevent embryo implantation in the mouse uterus. Additionally, PC6 is necessary for viral fusion and therefore HIV infection.

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  • Inhibition of PC6 expression at the appropriate time in the uterus was shown to block implantation in mouse models. A known PC6 inhibitor was able to cause some inhibition of implantation in mice, but not near levels required for contraceptive usage. PC6 expression cycles in humans have been established.
  • A lead compound with an acceptable bio-availability and efficacy profile and an acceptable delivery mechanism are needed.

Additional Information

  • Freyer C, et al. (2007) Pro-protein convertases (PCs) other than PC6 are not tightly regulated for implantation in the human endometrium. Reproduction. 133:1189-1193.

  • Nie G, et al. (2005) Inhibiting uterine PC6 blocks embryo implantation: an obligatory role for a proprotein convertase in fertility. Biol Reprod.72(4): 1029-36.

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