Prostaglandin E2 Receptor

Alternative Name: PGE2

Description: Prostaglandin E2 is critical for follicle rupture and the expansion of the cumulus granulosa cells surrounding the oocyte. Therefore, blocking prostaglandin synthesis and signaling is expected to block oocyte release, as well as inhibit cumulus expansion and fertilization.

Product Details

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API):

Status Details

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Began discovery in: 2007

Status Details:
  • In vitro studies established an important role for PGE2 in regulating primate ovarian activities necessary for fertilization, including the expansion of the somatic cells that surround the oocyte and follicle rupture.
  • Proof-of-principle studies conducted in cynomolgus macaques revealed a selective PGE2 receptor type 2 antagonist significantly reduced pregnancy rates.

Additional Information

  • Peluffo MC, et al. (2014) A prostaglandin E2 receptor antagonist prevents pregnancies during a preclinical contraceptive trial with female macaques. Hum Reprod. 29:1400-12.

  • Edelman AB, et al. (2013) Impact of the prostaglandin synthase-2 inhibitor celecoxib on ovulation and luteal events in women. Contraception. 87:352-7.

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