Quinacrine Pellets

Alternative Name: Quinacrine Sterilization (QS)

Description: Non-surgical female sterilization method consisting of seven 36mg quinacrine hydrochloride inserted into endometrial cavity. Two doses are given, one month apart.

Product Details

Duration: Permanent

Dose: 36 mg

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API):

Status Details

Status Details:
  • It is estimated at least 140,000 women in 34 countries have undergone procedure as method of non-surgical sterilization. However, quinacrine as a method of non-surgical sterilization has not been approved by any regulatory body. A primary funder concluded method was not worth pursuing after analyzing findings from safety studies. However, work on quinacrine was restarted in 2014.

Additional Information

  • WHO Department of Reproductive Health and Research (2008). The safety of quinacrine when used as a method of non-surgical sterilization in women. Interim Statement.

  • Sokal DC, et al. (2008) Safety of quinacrine contraceptive pellets: results from 10-year follow-up in Vietnam. Contraception. 78(1); 66-72.

  • Lippes, J. (2015) Quinacrine sterilization (QS): time for reconsideration. Contraception. 92(2); 91-95.

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