Quinones and Maleimides

Description: Certain quinones and maleimides have been shown to 1) induce "spermostasis" upon contact with human sperm, where the sperm ceases movement without losing cell viability, and/or 2) act as a microbicide. At least some of these compounds induce spermostasis by alkylating two sperm tail proteins, A Kinase-Anchoring Proteins 3 and 4 (AKAP3, AKAP4), thus disrupting. Microbicidal action is associated with alkylation of major outer membrane protein (MOMP), which is a chlamydial membrane protein.

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  • Hughes, L., Griffith, R., Carey, A., Butler, T., Donne, S., Beagley, K. and Aitken, R. (2009). The Spermostatic and Microbicidal Actions of Quinones and Maleimides: Toward a Dual-Purpose Contraceptive Agent.Molecular Pharmacology, 76(1), pp.113-124.

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