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Product Alternative Name Development Status Target Mode Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Delivery Type Duration Type Project Stagesort descending Partner Updated date
Mona Lisa NT Cu380, 380 Mini, CuT 380A QL, Cu375, Cu375 SL, and ST Cu300 IUDs SRA/WHO PQ Approved Female Non-hormonal copper Intrauterine Long-acting Marketed Mona Lisa N.V. 05/30/2018
Sino-implant (II) Zarin, Femplant, Trust SRA/WHO PQ Approved Female Hormonal levonorgestrel Subdermal Long-acting Marketed FHI 360, Shanghai Dahua Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. 05/30/2018
O’Lavie Female Condom Woman's Condom (WC) SRA/WHO PQ Approved Female Non-hormonal Barrier Pericoital Marketed Shanghai Dahua Medical Apparatus Co., Ltd, PATH 07/22/2016
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