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Product Alternative Name Development Status Target Mode Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Delivery Type Duration Type Project Stage Partner Updated date
Doughnut Microspheres with PMCA Inhibitors Plasma Membrane Calcium ATPase (PMCA) Inhibitors Active Development Female Non-hormonal Vaginal Gel, Vaginal, Other Short-acting University of Manchester, Max Planck Institute 05/30/2018
DPV + LNG Vaginal Ring Dapivirine (DPV) + levonorgestrel (LNG) vaginal ring Active Development Female Hormonal dapivirine, levonorgestrel Vaginal Ring Long-acting Pre-clinical International Partnership for Microbicides, USAID 05/30/2018
Duet Diaphragm Inactive Female Non-hormonal Barrier, Vaginal Gel Pericoital Phase II ReProtect Inc. 05/30/2018
Echo-V Active Development Male Non-hormonal Vas Deferens Long-acting Lead Optimization Contraline, LLC 05/30/2018
EE Sustained Release Pellets Female Hormonal ethinyl estradiol Subdermal Long-acting Pre-clinical Bayer HealthCare 05/30/2018
ellaOne SRA/WHO PQ Approved Female Hormonal ulipristal acetate Oral Emergency Marketed HRA Pharma 05/30/2018
Eloira LNG IUS Limited Market Approval Female Hormonal levonorgestrel Intrauterine Long-acting Marketed Pregna International Limited 05/30/2018
Emergency Contraceptive Cream Active Development Female Hormonal Vaginal Gel, Vaginal, Other Emergency Pre-clinical Viramal Limited 07/19/2016
Emily LNG IUS Limited Market Approval Female Hormonal levonorgestrel Intrauterine Long-acting Marketed HLL Lifecare Limited, Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences & Technology (SCTIMST) 05/30/2018
ENG + E2 Vaginal Ring Merck Vaginal Ring MK-8342B Inactive Female Hormonal etonogestrel, estradiol Vaginal Ring TBD Phase III Merck 02/24/2017
ENG Pellets Active Development Female Hormonal etonogestrel Subdermal Long-acting Pre-clinical GeSea Biosciences, FHI 360, pH Sciences 05/30/2018
Eppin EP007 Active Development Male Non-hormonal Oral Short-acting Pre-clinical Eppin Pharma, Inc. 05/30/2018
Estelle Estetrol (E4) + Progestin Combined Pill Active Development Female Hormonal estetrol (E4), progestin Oral Short-acting Phase II Actavis 05/30/2018
EVE-106 Novel Estrogen EVE-106; EVE106; ethinylestradiol prodrugs Active Development Female Hormonal TBD TBD Pre-clinical Evestra, Inc. 07/19/2016
EVE-112 Vaginal Ring Etonogestrel (ENG) + ethinylestradiol (EE) vaginal ring; EVE112 Active Development Female Hormonal etonogestrel, ethinyl estradiol Vaginal Ring Short-acting Phase II Evestra, Inc., Gedeon Richter Plc. 05/30/2018
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