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Product Alternative Name Development Status Target Mode Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Delivery Type Duration Type Project Stage Partner Updated date
Nanoparticle Decoys Vaginal Gel Active Development Female Non-hormonal Vaginal Gel Pericoital Target ID/Validation Washington University 05/30/2018
Natural Sensations Panty Female Condom Limited Market Approval Female Non-hormonal Barrier Pericoital Marketed Innova Quality S.A.S 05/30/2018
NES + E2 Vaginal Ring Nestorone (NES) + Estradiol (E2) Vaginal Ring Active Development Female Hormonal nestorone, estradiol Vaginal Ring Long-acting Phase II NICHD, Population Council 05/30/2018
NES + T Gel Nestorone + Testosterone Gel Active Development Male Hormonal nestorone, testosterone Transdermal Short-acting Phase II NICHD, Population Council 05/30/2018
NES Implant Nestorone (NES) Single Rod Implant Inactive Female Hormonal nestorone Subdermal Long-acting Phase II Population Council 05/30/2018
NES Transdermal Spray Nestorone (NES) Metered Dose Transdermal System® (MDTS®) Inactive Female Hormonal nestorone Transdermal Short-acting Phase I Population Council, Acrux, Ltd., Fempharm Pty Ltd. 05/30/2018
NES-releasing Biodegradable Rods Female Hormonal nestorone Subdermal Pre-clinical Shandong University 05/30/2018
Nestragel™ Nestorone (NES) + Estradiol (E2) Transdermal Gel Active Development Female Hormonal nestorone, estradiol Transdermal Short-acting Phase II Antares, Population Council 05/30/2018
NET Pellets Biodegradable Norethindrone (NET) Pellets Inactive Female Hormonal norethindrone Subdermal Long-acting Phase II Anterion Therapeutics, FHI 360 05/30/2018
NeuEve Vaginal Suppository Lavax Vaginal Suppository Active Development Female Non-hormonal Vaginal, Other Pericoital Target ID/Validation Lavax 05/30/2018
Nifedipine Active Development Male Non-hormonal nifedipine Oral TBD North Shore University Hospital in New York 05/30/2018
NOMAC Vaginal Ring Nomegestrol acetate (NOMAC) vaginal ring Active Development Female Hormonal nomegestrol acetate Vaginal Ring Merck 07/22/2016
Non-Invasive Laser Vasectomy Non-Invasive Laser Male Sterilization Inactive Male Non-hormonal Vas Deferens Permanent Pre-clinical University of North Carolina at Charlotte 05/30/2018
Norethindrone Acetate Patch Active Development Female Hormonal norethindrone Transdermal Short-acting Regulatory Actavis 05/30/2018
Oil-based DSRP Microcrystal Suspension Oil-based drospirenone (DSRP) microcrystal suspension Inactive Female Hormonal drospirenone Injectable Long-acting Pre-clinical Bayer HealthCare 05/30/2018
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