Alternative Name: NSP-989; NSP-989 COMBO; Tanaproget COMBO; WAY-166989

Description: Tanaproget (NSP-989) is a novel, non-steroidal, high affinity, high efficacy, and very selective progesterone receptor agonist. Due to its much more selective binding profile relative to most conventional, steroidal progestins, tanaproget may prove to produce fewer side effects in comparison.

Product Details

User: Female

Hormonal: Yes

Delivery Method: Oral

Duration Type: Short-acting

Duration: One day

  • One pill per day

Dose: Doses of 0.01, 0.03, 0.1, 0.3, and 1mg of tanaproget were studied.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API):
  • tanaproget

Multipurpose Preventive Technology (MPT): No

Status Details

Developer: Ligand Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Project Phase: Pre-Clinical and Clinical Development

Development Stage: Phase II

Began discovery in: Prior to 2005

Active Development: Unknown

Status Details:
  • Sublicensed to Pfizer in 2010.

Additional Information

  • Zhang Z, et al. (2005). Molecular and pharmacological properties of a potent and selective novel nonsteroidal progesterone receptor agonist tanaproget. J. Biol. Chem. 280 (31): 28468-75.

  • Bapst JL, et al. (2006) Pharmacokinetics and safety of tanaproget, a nonsteroidal progesterone receptor agonist, in healthy women. Contraception. 74 (5): 414-8.

  • Ligand Pharmaceuticals, Inc. website: http://www.ligand.com/

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