Vicriviroc + MK2048 + Progestin Vaginal Ring

Product Overview

Development Status: Active Development

Target: Female

Mode: Hormonal

Delivery Type: Vaginal Ring

Duration Type: Long-acting

Description: A vaginal ring whose mechanism of action is CCR5 inhibitor, integrase inhibitor and a progestin for protection against HIV and pregnancy.

Updated date: May 11, 2015

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Project Phase: Early Development

Project Stage: Pre-clinical

Status Details:
  • 2-ARV IVR prototype first in human study planned in early 2015. 2-ARV+progestin IVR prototype in preclinical development.
  • Merck announced that it would discontinue development of its investigational CCR5 antagonist vicriviroc for the treatment of HIV infection in both treatment-naive and treatment-experienced patients, due to unimpressive results in clinical trials.

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