Alternative Name: Acrosomal Vesicle Protein 1, Acrosomal Protein SP-10, Sperm Protein 10, D11S4365, SPACA2, SP-10

Description: ACRV1 is an intra-acrosomal protein known to be conserved across multiple species including humans, mice and macaques. It is thought to remain associated with the acrosome following the acrosome reaction in a bovine in vitro fertilization model. Various antibodies against ACRV1 have shown anti-fertilization effects by reducing sperm-egg (zona pellucida) secondary binding, by reducing the ability of sperm to carry out the acrosome reaction and by affecting the motility of capacitated spermatozoa.

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  • Coonrod, S. A., Herr, J. C., & Westhusin, M. E. (1996). Inhibition of bovine fertilization in vitro by antibodies to SP-10. Reproduction,107(2), 287-297.

  • Goyal, S., Manivannan, B., Kumraj, G. R., Ansari, A. S., & Lohiya, N. K. (2013). Evaluation of Efficacy and Safety of Recombinant Sperm-Specific Contraceptive Vaccine in Albino Mice. American Journal of Reproductive Immunology,69(5), 495-508.

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