Alternative Name: Astacin Like Metalloendopeptidase, Ovastacin, Sperm Acrosomal SLLP1 Binding, SAS1B, Oocyte Astacin, EC 3.4

Description: ASTL is a oocyte specific membrane metalloendopeptidase that is demonstrated to bind the sperm intra-acrosomal protein, SLLP1, prior to gamete fusion. ASTL has been shown to play a role in the post-fertilization block of sperm binding to zona pellucida, which ensures monospermic fertilization and successful embryo development in mice. In this role, ASTL is thought to cleave zona pellucida glycoprotein 2 (ZP2) following gamete fusion, preventing ZP2 from binding additional sperms. ASTL demonstrates restricted expression in growing oocytes and is absent in the ovarian reserve.

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  • Burkart, A. D., Xiong, B., Baibakov, B., Jiménez-Movilla, M., & Dean, J. (2012). Ovastacin, a cortical granule protease, cleaves ZP2 in the zona pellucida to prevent polyspermy. The Journal of Cell Biology,197(1), 37-44.

  • Sachdev, M., Mandal, A., Mulders, S., Digilio, L. C., Panneerdoss, S., Suryavathi, V., . . . Herr, J. C. (2012). Oocyte specific oolemmal SAS1B involved in sperm binding through intra-acrosomal SLLP1 during fertilization. Developmental Biology,363(1), 40-51.

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