Cupid1® Female Condom

Product Overview

Alternative Name: l’Amour®, Jeitosa®

Development Status: SRA/WHO PQ Approved

Target: Female

Mode: Non-hormonal

Delivery Type: Barrier

Duration Type: Pericoital

Description: This is a scented female condom made of natural rubber latex. It has an octagonal outer frame and is inserted using a medical-grade sponge which also holds the condom in place during use. It is pre-lubricated with silicone oil and comes in transparent or pink color.

Updated date: May 30, 2018

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Project Phase: Post-development

Project Stage: Marketed

Status Details:
  • WHO prequalified in 2012 and US FDA registration process initiated in 2012. It is available in 18 countries. Also has CE Mark.

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