Duet Diaphragm

Description: The Duet is a reusable, one-size-fits-all, clear diaphragm made of dipped polyurethane that can be marketed with an ARV gel for multipurpose protection.

Product Details

User: Female

Hormonal: No

Delivery Method: Barrier, Vaginal Gel

Duration Type: Pericoital

Duration: Single use

Inactive material: polyurethane

Multipurpose Preventive Technology (MPT): Yes

Status Details

Developer: ReProtect Inc.

Project Phase: Pre-Clinical and Clinical Development

Development Stage: Phase II

Active Development: No

Status Details:
  • In 2005, ReProtect received NIH funding for further development of Duet device design and manufacturing.
  • Prior research has been conducted on the acceptability of the Duet as a menstrual collection device.

Additional Information

  • ReProtect website: www.reprotect.com

  • Averbach S, et al. (2009) Duet® for menstrual protection: a feasibility study in Zimbabwe. Contraception. 79(6); 463-468.

  • Ballagh SA, et al. (2008) A Phase I study of the functional performance, safety, and acceptability of the BufferGel Duet. Contraception. 77(2); 130-7.

  • The Duet diaphragm was originally designed for use with BufferGel®. Please see entry for BufferGel for more information on that related product.

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