FibroPlant LNG IUS

Alternative Name: Fibroplant LNG14 (also LNG 20)

Description: A frameless LNG IUS releasing 14 mcg, or 20 mcg, of LNG/day for contraception. Anchoring technology affixes the device to the endometrium.

Product Details

Duration: 3-5 years

Dose: 14 or 20 μg per day

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API):

Status Details

Status Details:
  • Review suggests product could have significantly reduced side effects profile due to its frameless design.

Additional Information

  • Wildemeersch D., Andrade A., Goldstuck N.D., Hasskamp T., Jackers G. (2017) Intrauterine levonorgestrel delivery with frameless fibrous delivery system: Review of clinical experience. Int. J. Womens Health. 2017;21:49–58

  • Andrade A, Wildemeersch D. (2008) Menstrual blood loss in women using the frameless FibroPlant LNG-IUS. Contraception. 79(2):134-8.

  • Wildemeersch D. (2007) New frameless and framed intrauterine devices and systems: An overview. Contraception. 75(6 Suppl):S82-92.

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