Alternative Name: MENT Transdermal Gel

Description: MENT is a synthetic androgen that resembles testosterone. MENT binds to androgen receptors with greater binding affinity than testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, the two active endogenous androgens. The higher binding affinity results in higher bioactivity so that the total dose can be reduced compared to the dose of testosterone required for daily use.

Product Details


Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API):

Inactive material: ethanol; other absorption enhancers

Status Details

Began discovery in: 1995

Status Details:
  • Early studies indicated that MENT gel suppressed steroid sex hormones over a seven-day treatment period, and that the effect was reversible when treatment ended.
  • MENT was licensed to Schering AG, Germany for replacement therapy in 2001. After the acquisition by Bayer, the company decided to close the program.

Additional Information

  • See also entry on MENT Implant.

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