MENT Implant

Product Overview

Alternative Name: MENT Acetate Implant

Development Status: Active Development

Target: Male

Mode: Hormonal

Delivery Type: Subdermal

Duration Type: Long-acting

Description: MENT is a synthetic androgen that resembles testosterone. MENT binds to androgen receptor with greater binding affinity than testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, the two active endogenous androgens. The higher bioactivity allows a reduced dose compared to testosterone for daily use. Four MENT Acetate (MENT Ac) implants delivering 1200-1600 µg of MENT Ac/day for 1 year.

Updated date: May 30, 2018

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Project Phase: Late Development

Project Stage: Phase II

Began discovery in: 1990

Status Details:
  • Four MENT Ac implants were not totally efficacious in men. MENT Ac implants in combination with DMPA injections are being investigated for synergy in efficacy to induce azoospermia.

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