Natural Sensations Panty Female Condom

Description: Pre-lubricated female condom is made of synthetic polyethylene resin condom. The re-usable panty is 100% nylon and holds the condom in place during sexual intercourse (same function as the outer ring or frame of other female condoms).

Product Details

Duration: Panty is reusable; condom is for single act

Inactive material: condom is polyethylene resin; panty is nylon

Status Details

Status Details:
  • Holds CE marking and is approved by the Colombian National Institute of Food and Drug Monitoring (INVIMA).
  • In November 2015, Samasha Medical Foundation (Uganda) signed a long-term agreement with the manufacturer to introduce and market the Panty Condom in Africa. Approved by Uganda National Council for Science and Technology in February 2018.

Additional Information

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