Description: Treatment of nutlin-3a led to decreased expression of ubiquinol-cytochrome-c reductase core protein 2 (UQCRC2) and tyrosine phosphorylation (TYP) proteins, leading to reduced fertility.

Product Details

User: Female, Male

Delivery Method: Injectable, Vaginal, Other, Other

Duration Type: Short-acting, Pericoital

Multipurpose Preventive Technology (MPT): No

Status Details

Project Phase: Discovery and Early Development

Development Stage: Lead Optimization

Active Development: Unknown

Additional Information

  • Atatreh, N., Ghattas, M. A., Bardaweel, S. K., Rawashdeh, S. A., & Sorkhy, M. A. (2018). Identification of new inhibitors of Mdm2–p53 interaction via pharmacophore and structure-based virtual screening.Drug Design, Development and Therapy,Volume 12, 3741-3752.

  • Shukla, K. K., Kwon, W., Rahman, M. S., Park, Y., You, Y., & Pang, M. (2013). Nutlin-3a Decreases Male Fertility via UQCRC2.PLoS ONE,8(10).

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