Reddy Latex Female Condom

Alternative Name: VA w.o.w.

Description: This one-size device is made of latex and uses a soft polyurethane sponge to aid insertion and a firm, flexible outer ring intended to hold it in place during intercourse. Pre-lubricated with a silicone lubricant.

Product Details

User: Female

Hormonal: No

Delivery Method: Barrier

Duration Type: Pericoital

Duration: Single use

Inactive material: latex, polyurethane

Multipurpose Preventive Technology (MPT): Yes

Status Details

Developer: HLL Lifecare Limited, IXu LLC

Project Phase: Limited Market Availability

Development Stage: SRA/WHO PQ Approved

Active Development: Yes

Status Details:
  • HLL acquired the technology and marketing rights for production and marketing in 2013.
  • Product has received the European CE mark, and is approved by the India Drug Control Authority and Brazil regulatory authority.
  • Under review for WHO prequalification. Distributed in Argentina, Brazil, Germany, India, Indonesia, Portugal, South Africa, Swaziland and the UK.

Additional Information

  • Smita J, et al. (2005) Comparative acceptability study of the Reality female condom and the version 4 of modified Reddy female condom in India. Contraception. 72(5): 366-71.

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