Yaso Gel

Product Overview

Alternative Name: PPCM Vaginal Gel

Development Status: Active Development

Target: Female

Mode: Non-hormonal

Delivery Type: Vaginal Gel, Vaginal, Other

Duration Type: Pericoital

Description: PPCM is a condensation polymer made from mandelic acid and is incorporated into a consumer-pleasing gel (or film or ovule) that is inserted vaginally prior to intercourse. This novel polymer inhibits glycoprotein mediated attachment and fusion of pathogens (HSV, HIV) to target cells. PPCM also inhibits sperm function by causing premature acrosomal loss.

Updated date: May 30, 2018

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Project Phase: Early Development

Project Stage: Pre-clinical

Began discovery in: 2006

Status Details:
  • Conducting IND-enabling scale up of API and gel as well as required toxicology studies. IND submission is anticipated for 2016.

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