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Product Alternative Name Development Status Target Mode Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Delivery Type Duration Type Project Stage Partner Updated date
11b-MNTDC / 11β/19/17β 11b-methyl-19-nortestosterone 17b-dodecylcarbonate (11b-MNTDC) Active Development Male Hormonal 11b-methyl-19-nortestosterone 17b-dodecylcarbonate Injectable, Oral BIOQUAL, Inc. 05/31/2017
3-DRIUD Active Development Female Non-hormonal Intrauterine Long-acting Pre-clinical Shandong Provincial Institute, China, Technology for Family Planning, China 07/28/2016
6-month DMPA DMPA-XT Active Development Female Hormonal medroxyprogesterone acetate Injectable Long-acting Phase I FHI 360 11/20/2017
Adjudin AF-2364 Active Development Male Non-hormonal 1-(2,4-dichlorobenzyl)-1H-indazole-3-carbohydrazide TBD Short-acting Lead Optimization Population Council 08/09/2016
ALDH1a2 Inhibitors Inhibitors of Testicular Retinoic Acid Biosynthesis Active Development Male Non-hormonal ALDH1A2 inhibitors Oral Long-acting Pre-clinical University of Washington, University of Minnesota 03/06/2017
Amphora® Gel Active Development Female Non-hormonal Lactic acid, Citric Acid, Potassium Bitartrate Vaginal Gel Pericoital Phase III Evofem, Inc. 07/21/2016
Androgen Restored Contraceptive ARC; triple hormone contraceptive; Triple OC Active Development Female Hormonal prasterone, estradiol, progesterone Oral Short-acting Phase II ANI Pharmaceuticals, Pantarhei Bioscience 07/18/2016
Artificial Cryptorchidism Suspensories Inactive Male Non-hormonal Testicular Long-acting Phase II Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Toulouse, France 07/20/2016
Binding/Penetration Enzymes Active Development Male Non-hormonal Oral TBD Norfolk State University 07/21/2016
Biodegradable Foam Delivery System Active Development Female Non-hormonal Vaginal, Other Pericoital Target ID/Validation University of Cincinnati 07/27/2016
Biodegradable Implant with [Poly(PDL-co-DO)] Co-polymers Active Development Female Hormonal levonorgestrel Subdermal Long-acting Pre-clinical FHI 360, Yale University 03/06/2017
Biodegradable LNG-releasing Implant (Peking University) Female Hormonal levonorgestrel Subdermal Long-acting Pre-clinical Peking University, Institute of Biomedical Engineering at Chinese Academy of Medical College 10/03/2016
Biodegradable LNG-releasing Implant (SIPPR) Active Development Female Hormonal levonorgestrel Subdermal Long-acting Pre-clinical Shanghai Institute of Planned Parenthood Research (SIPPR) 10/14/2016
Biodegradable pHEMA-based Implant Active Development Female Hormonal levonorgestrel Subdermal Long-acting Pre-clinical University of Washington 03/06/2017
Biosynthetic Calcium Implant Active Development Female Hormonal Subdermal Long-acting Target ID/Validation Murdoch University 07/21/2016
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